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Puredistance WHITE – Red and White Traces of Elegance - Review

                                                               Marc Chagall Lunaria

At a first sniff I feel I’m in a herbal garden, but very soon my garden is flowed over by the musk whiff and the citrusy-bitter elegant light smell of bergamot. In thirty minutes this garden blooms in velvety and sparkling colours. Before long you can see the rose bushes bright, in a reddish pink, touched by the cool mint aroma. This minty, anise-like fragrance dresses the entire Puredistance WHITE journey. The rose petals are soft and peppered. Peppered-rose, this is how it stands on the back of my elbow for the first thirty minutes. 

Marc Chagall Noon in Summer

Yes, there is joy, but not a white one. It is a red delight or even a white-red rapture. Now we hear a soft and sweet delight song composed by the olfactory notes.
The fragrance melts on the skin and gives forth to a sweet white and red powder carving deep olfactory traces.

From the soft peppered-reddish-rose Puredistance WHITE develops into a red silky accord which I associate with a soften velvety red lipstick on the lips of a very classy French lady you allow to introduce yoursef into a mysterious and captivating journey.
In about one hour the accord is more powdery, slightly bitter and more citrusy, with sandal wood touches on a bed of roses. Three-four hours pass by and my nose detects a rose-iris-cherry like accord while the anise note becomes more and more distinct. Before long a delicate bunch of flowers which whispers in a soft and delicate voice lights on my skin. The end of the journey reminds me of the softness of a daisy standing towards the sun after a summer rain.

Puredistance WHITE it’s not a floral fragrance, but a citrus aromatic bouquet which spreads the softness and the fragility of a daisy, it’s creamy smell over a fresh and clean herbal-sandal wood aroma.
It stays close to the skin, but has a very good longevity, approximate 24 hours.

Here is the information we find about the fragrance on Puredistance website:


The main idea behind the creation of Puredistance WHITE Perfume has been to create a perfume so beautiful and positive that it gives the wearer an instant flow of happiness. We asked Master Perfumer Antoine Lie (who also created Puredistance BLACK for us) to create a white and golden dream; an intimate escape from harsh reality. It took Antoine Lie one year to complete the magic formula, using the best and most expensive ingredients in the world. The result is a one-of-a-kind perfume made to enhance your mood through intense, but comforting beauty - if you like it, a warm and natural happiness will be yours!

Ingredients: Rose de Mai from France, Tonka bean absolute from Venezuela, Orris absolute from Italy, Sandalwood from Mysore, Bergamot from Italy, Musk, Vetyver from Haiti and Patchouli from Indonesia.

Perfume Extrait: 38% perfume oil

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